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Spam Site Product Never Arrived

Product never sent & never arrived. The support email address does not exist.

Neon Squirtle
Kasey Olinger

Love it!

Great product, long shipping and no communication.

After reading some of the reviews on the site, I honestly counted this as a loss. I ordered February 5th and received tracking about a week ago. To my surprise it actually arrived, and looks wonderful! But I had to dock a few stars for the lack of communication, paying for Priority and still waiting over a month, and not receiving the USB adaptor I paid extra for.

However the quality of the lamp itself is very nice, and is larger than I thought. If the company can be a little more transparent about the length of time these take to be made & delivered, and communicated a little better with their customers, I would buy more from them, as they have some lovely lights listed. Just didn’t feel great being left in the dark for weeks.

Neon Espeon
April MacIntosh
What arrived looks nothing like what is pictured

Its face is real derpy though

Patrick Egan
What lamp?

We never received the item

I did not get my luffy figure I got some random gojo one instead.

Got wrong item after about a month + a week of wait with radio silence after sending messages.

I haven’t received this order very upset because no one have been answering my message

Neon Charmander

Cool led sign but be prepared to wait over a month with no response from Shonenlamp in regards to tracking


We purchased a wall light on 12/18 and paid extra for "priority processing"... still have not received it as of 1/8. Shipping is under 200 total miles from the warehouse to our house 🤔

Never received the item

I have not yet received this item but was sent an email asking to review it and am extremely unhappy with the delay. I paid for the rush delivery, yet it has been more than 3 weeks since I placed the order. It is still not even close to reaching me according to the tracking info I was eventually provided. At this point it doesn’t look like I will ever receive the item.

Ordered dual tone and I got the single tone. The seller was not responsive to any messages about shipping information. The only updates I got were when the USPS got it.

My daughter absolutely loves it!

Neon Sylveon
Jodi Walker
Never got it

Showed it shipped but it didn’t leave Jamaica New York.

Neon Gojo Satoru
Darrell Nichols
Never received my item

Tracking still shows it to be in Jamaica

Possible Scam Avoid This Site

Never arrived, shipping information shows its been sitting in the same spot for weeks. Wanted to cancel order but no one will respond to emails. Asked a question on the site but no one responds to that either. Possible scam site so avoid. Will delete review if anything is updated. I will possibly do a chargeback to get my refund on this if the ignoring continues.

Order came in later than I would have expected. The tracking only updated after it arrived so I wouldnt bother checking it. I ordered the wall plug to go with it but never received it unless it was shipped separately for some reason. I asked questions about how long it would take a little while after I ordered but never received a response. Never got a response from my emails either.

If you order anything off the site I guess dont expect any more help after that.

Neon Pikachu

I ordered a product from this website and never received it. I have emailed the seller multiple times with no response. DO NOT BUY from this website it is a SCAM!!!!

Good product, horrible shipping

First, I absolutely love the product. It came undamaged and looks absolutely perfect! Very cool Christmas present for my friend :)

However, the shipping number provided was invalid the entire process and every time I emailed/sent a message about it, I never received a single word about it. I sent several messages both through the website and email to customer service and literally nothing each time. I got an email saying it was delivered, but it never actually got delivered until a week later. I kept thinking I got scammed the whole time. It was just a very weird and upsetting situation.

Overall, horrible customer service, bad shipping situation, but very cool product.

Neon Spheal
Christopher Benefield
Spheal lamp

I still have not received my lamp yet. It's been nearly 3 weeks now.

Never received my item

Ordered the light on November 29th. It’s december 24th. I was sent an email saying that my shipment information was sent out. Nothing came of it. Never received anything. Never got anything from support, never even got an email back. Pretty disappointed.

Said it was shipped but never received it. I payed for express shipping as well :(


I LOVE this lamp!

Cute Satoru Gojo
Bente Hero Goldenstein
It's great

The light is just perfect. It is a beautiful Backlight ✌️. Gojo locks amazing 👍.

Fine. Or even meh. Not what you’re wanting when you buy it.

I ordered this magicarp lamp and a Naruto shadow box one. The Naruto one literally came in a fucking AliExpress box so that was very annoying. And then the magicarp lamp took over a month to get here. Ordered both on October 21st and the lamp didn’t come until November 24th. It’s also on an acrylic panel BE WARNED I didn’t realize that until it came. My fault though. Should’ve read the description. It’s also skinny little wired lights behind some squishy white stuff to make it look like it’s those classic led glass lamps or whatever. So that was EXTREMELY annoying. Very cheaply made. I literally could just recreate this myself and save money AND I could’ve had it done so much faster. You can see the wires from the front in certain parts where it crosses over. Paid $90 for this so honestly I’m disappointed but I’m not about to go through the hassle of returning it. 👎👎