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Cute Satoru Gojo
Bente Hero Goldenstein
It's great

The light is just perfect. It is a beautiful Backlight ✌️. Gojo locks amazing 👍.

It’s fine. Honestly very cheaply made.

I’m sure if you looked up how to make a shadow box, you could EASILY do this yourself. It’s very obviously just construction paper with a light behind it. ALSO!! It came in AliExpress packaging so I’m sure you could get it from AliExpress for the same price if not cheaper. I never checked bc I’m trying to stay sane and not blow up about how annoying it would be if it was a lot cheaper on there. Ordered on October 21st and received on November 9th. Much better than my other lamp that was ordered the same day and didn’t come until November 24th😐

Fine. Or even meh. Not what you’re wanting when you buy it.

I ordered this magicarp lamp and a Naruto shadow box one. The Naruto one literally came in a fucking AliExpress box so that was very annoying. And then the magicarp lamp took over a month to get here. Ordered both on October 21st and the lamp didn’t come until November 24th. It’s also on an acrylic panel BE WARNED I didn’t realize that until it came. My fault though. Should’ve read the description. It’s also skinny little wired lights behind some squishy white stuff to make it look like it’s those classic led glass lamps or whatever. So that was EXTREMELY annoying. Very cheaply made. I literally could just recreate this myself and save money AND I could’ve had it done so much faster. You can see the wires from the front in certain parts where it crosses over. Paid $90 for this so honestly I’m disappointed but I’m not about to go through the hassle of returning it. 👎👎

I'm sorry I haven't received the item yet

Great product

It turned out great my son is going to be very excited on Christmas morning.

Great product

This turned out great can't wait for my son to get it for Christmas

accurate to photo !

I bought this for my friends present and it arrived literally on the morning of her birthday!! it is a. little smaller than I thought it would be but its not mini at all

So cool looking

Lapras looks amazing. I'm very pleased with the light.

Gon Freecs Box Light
Vincent Preciadocorrea

Gon Freecs Box Light

Yaseen That Guy
The Most Detailed Kokushibo Light You'll Ever Find!

I was greatly surprised about how bright and detailed this light was. Much like a figure, this Kokushibo light will make the perfect addition to your room

Neon Squirtle
Neon Squirtle

Absolutely perfect! Fits nice on the wall, it’s light weight but not low quality so it’s easy to hang, amazing they made it look so good with such a minimal design.

Hey Eljayem! I'm really happy you like your Squirtle! Let us know if you ever need anything else!

Giyu Tomioka Box Light
Anthony Grillo
Excellent Product

Product came quicker than expected and looks great!

Hey Anthony! We're really happy you had a positive experience! Thank you so much for the review!

Guts Box Light
Noemi Walsh

I was surprised by the good quality it has. It weighs and is pleasant to the touch. Batteries can be used, and includes cable and controller. I bought the multicolored version and it is very worth it. Product of 10

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Ed Schmitt

I ordered it on the 13th and got it on the 17th! Full knife delivery! The packaging has been carefully done and it is very beautiful. Satisfaction >_

Kelvin Hodkiewicz

It arrived packaged very safely, I haven’t got any batteries so I used the usb cable instead and it is really bright, it’s wonderful. It slowly changes colours as well. The image is in full daylight and it’s still bright.

Excellent, very well done. Super functional, lighting well. And it's too beautiful

Gon and Killua
Titus Maggio

Excellent product, very high quality. Even nothing to say, a good lamp and accessory. I recommend it to everyone!

Guts Box Light
Rickie Kirlin

Perfect! Just like the pictures. I love it.

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Isom Torp

It was a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it, he put it on his gamer set🤩, 10/10✨

(With batteries it gets a little more complicated since it becomes false🥺, But with usb all excellent)

Reginald Corwin

Gotta love Mimikyu LED. Seller was very kind and I am satisfied with the product.

Guts Box Light
Phyllis O'Conner

Product arrived right, but there is more than one layer forming the design on the frame, one from the back was not well adjusted with the front, so some strands of the guts that were supposed to be behind the front layer, are showing up because it's kind of crooked, but other than all right, When you turn on the lights you can't even notice what crooked, control already came with a stack, working well, you can use the frame connected to the PC (without batteries), and with batteries without having to connect anything.

Zenitsu Agatsuma
General Orn

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Sigurd Jaskolski

One of the finest things I bought details amazing and the accuracy of the product is very excellent and has never been delayed arrived in less than a month I would recommend buying it comes with a remote to control

Guts Box Light
Marcelle Schmidt

Guts Box Light

Satoru Gojo
Halie Hane

Just chic